Hindu Culture – An Introduction


| Frequency: Weekly, Monday | Type: Discourse | Teacher: Ginaji | Text: Hindu Culture     | Have you ever had fundamental questions or wanted logical answers about our culture, Scriptures, deities, festivals, temples, Dharma, and our epics? 'Hindu Culture - An Introduction' gives us a deep and sensitive insight into this most ancient, time-tested, and still …

Tulsidasji’s Ramayana

Hybrid - In-person & Online 8832 The Gore Road, Brampton, ON

| Frequency: Weekly, Wednesdays | Type: Discourse | Teacher: Ginaji | Text: Ramacharitamanas   | Weekly Discourses on Tulsidasji's Ramacharitamanas. Revel in satsanga, the glories of Sri Rama, and the poetry of Goswami Tulsidas while exploring the deep Vedantic symbolism of this epic. For registration details and Zoom info, please contact:  Ginaji at devandgina@chinmayatoronto.org