Swamini Shivapriyananda

Swamini Shivapriyananda

Swaminiji was a scientist. While visiting the United States in 1981, she stumbled upon a lecture on ancient Indian scriptures by Swami Chinmayananda.


“I was a scientist and thought I had all my answers about life in a test tube, but that somehow failed,” said Swaminiji.


“Then I met Gurudev (Swami Chinmayananda) and during that first lecture, I realized all the answers including finding holistic approach to life can be found within the Vedas.Once I realized there’s a higher science than the one I knew, I decided to dive into it.”


Soon after that fateful meeting, the young scholar embarked on a trip to the Himalayas and travelled to India and immersed herself in the ancient texts. Inspired by Swami Chinmayananda, Swamini Shivapriyananda completed the brahmachari course in Bombay in 1986 and was posted as acharya of Chinmaya Mission Toronto. She received sanyasa initiation (diksha) from Swami Tejomayananda on Shivaratri in 2003.

Swaminiji teaches adults and youth through lectures, seminars and workshops. She conducts stress management courses as well as relaxation training. She is an inspiration and guidance behind our successful Bala Vihar programme.