Upanishad Vidya Sara – Essence of the Upanishads – Study Group Starting Feb 26!


Join us as we study and reflect on Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda's lectures on specially selected verses from the Upanishads, to reveal the depths of Self-knowledge which alone gives complete fulfillment. Facilitators : Devji  and Ginaji For more information please contact:  sthekkep@hotmail.com

Atma Bodha-A virtual class with Dev Ji


| Frequency: Weekly, Tuesday | Type: Discourse | Teacher: Devji | Text: Atma Bodha   A weekly online morning class with Dev Ji to systematically study the essential terms and concepts of Vedanta as presented by Adi Shankaracharaya ji. To join/ more info click here:  lu.ma/atmabodha    

Vision of the Bhagavad Gita- Online Weekly Spiritual Lectures for University students and young professionals on Tuesdays, 7:30 PM EST – 9 PM EST


Join Dev ji and Gina ji for spiritual classes and facilitated discussions on day-to-day life issues and learn the spiritual wisdom and vision offered by the Bhagavad Gita to maintain mental balance while dynamically acting in the world. Register at https://lu.ma/chykclassToronto to obtain Zoom link. For more information, please contact Meetika at 514-550-4430.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 with Nirmalji

Chinmaya Shivalaya 8832 The Gore Road, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 with Nirmalji For more information please contact: nirmalchawla@rogers.com


Chinmaya Shivalaya 8832 The Gore Road, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Vivekachoodamani   For more information please contact: umeshrao35@hotmail.com vijayasadana@chinmayatoronto.org

Understanding Vedanta, Virtual Weekly Classes from Sept 2023 to June 2024 with multiple attendance options


A weekly class with Dev ji that covers a beautiful range of ideas including reflections on freedom and happiness, balance, values and true religion. Participants can attend in person on  Virtual classes  on Saturdays between 6:30AM to 7:45AM. Register here: https://lu.ma/VedantaCMT Sundays, 10:45AM -12 PM at Chinmaya Mission Brampton  Sundays, 4:15PM - 5:30PM in Chinmaya …

2nd Residential Vedanta Sadhaka Course in English at Adi Sankara Nilayam from Oct 16, 2024 for a year

India , India

This one-year course provides the perfect opportunity to aspirants to clarify concepts and imbibe this wealth of wisdom through a systematic study of the scriptures, while living in an Ashram. Swami Sharadananda will be the Resident Acharya and Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya will serve as the Upa-acharya of the Course. Applicants must be between the ages …