Dealing with the current pandemic

Many of our members have shared their anxiety and restlessness due to current situation of lockdown all over the world. This is especially more felt when the economy of every country is in crisis, family members are to work or study from home, adjusting themselves to the needs and demands of each other throughout the day for extended, uncertain period of time. We felt it appropriate and useful to share some encouraging spiritual advice from the monks of Chinmaya Mission West; our Swamins and Brahmacharins across the various centers.

Link to short video message from Swamins & Brahmacharins of CMW here. We will continue to update this link where we will cover various topics such as:

    1. How to Combat Depression in the Present Predicament
    2. Dealing with Uncertainties
    3. Prayer as a Means to Peace
    4. Building a Cordial Relationship with Family by Adjusting to Everyone’s Needs
    5. Family Meditation
    6. Healthy Daily Routine to Overcome Lethargy and Indulgence
    7. Personal Sadhana for Positive Thinking