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Bala Vihar - Curriculum 2016-2017
Download our 2016-17 curriculum
We Run a Family Program - Parental attendance is a must!

Parental attendance is critical to our aim of having families grow spiritually together in the vision of our ancient and great culture. Therefore, we do not accept child enrollments without parental participation in the program; at least one parent is required to attend the Adult Class while the children are in Bala Vihar.

Our program is run entirely by seva!

Sevaks (inspired volunteers) are critical to the operation of the program. Chinmaya Mission is a volunteer-run organization. Selfless dedicated service is the foundation for spiritual growth. Every member is highly encouraged to serve the mission in their area of interests, based on their skills and expertise. Any amount of time and commitment offered in seva is welcome!


  1. Families are requested to be punctual, seated, and ready for assembly by 9:55am. The Bala Vihar Family Program starts promptly at 10am
  2. Every family will be expected to offer prasad (fruits) and seva (setup and cleanup for Bala Vihar and Preeti Bhoj) 1-2 times a year, and will be encouraged to offer bhiksha to our acharyas.
  3. After Bala Vihar, we enjoy lunch together as a family. This is a community initiative, and we seek your support in its continued feasibility. We encourage our families to sponsor preeti bhoj on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. To get your preferred dates of sponsorship, we encourage you to sign up early!